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[ The others were at a loss. For him, the message was crystal clear: the last one standing wins.

Well, so be it. From the beginning, he'd been more than prepared to do just that. And with his alternative escapes sealed off, it's time for him to finally make his move.

He leaves late on Sunday to find the Sheriff. As loath as he is to talk to the man any more, he won't be able to kill them all with his bare hands. Not in this body. ]
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[ If you think Ash stayed up all night worrying where Noctis was, you're wrong!! He stayed up all night because he's a robot and doesn't need to sleep. Also, he's totally not worried about Noctis. It's just that he gave Noctis some vital information just a few days ago, and if the wrong person were to get ahold of him and force it out of him, it could spell danger for Ash.

Nothing more. He's firm in this belief.

Nonetheless, he feels something akin to relief at seeing him the next day at the Execution, standing and alive instead of laying on the bonfire. That feeling evaporates as soon as he catches him afterwards near the hotel - he's stomping towards his roommate, looking irritated. ]

Noctis. What the hell were you doing?
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I suspect our little game will be coming to an end soon. Don't you?

[ this is, presumably, direct towards his roommate, and not the "dead," curled-up copy of himself on the floor that he's currently kneeled in front of, seeing as that isn't going to respond. Probably. He doesn't turn to look towards Noctis. After all, he's surely going to be in another terrible mood after the day's events. ]
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[ he's received far too many presents for his liking this week, between the bookmark and the cookies - it's getting on his nerves a little. Maybe it's a good thing he doesn't know that Xion's to blame for one of those two things; otherwise, he'd probably be looking for her to scold her for wasting time giving him food in addition to just talking with her.

He finds her in the library eventually. His intentions aren't as clear in his mind as he would like, he finds, but he doubts he'll have much longer to loiter around in this town. ]

There you are. You've made yourself considerably scarce, haven't you?
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[ considering Noctis is almost definitely going to be an active volcano tonight and explode gross human rage lava all over Ash as soon as he walks in the door, he is making a point of not going directly back to his apartment after today's eventful trial. His roommate's confusing on a good day; he doesn't really feel like dealing with him on a bad day.

Besides, he has some business to attend to, himself. He'll stop Will when he can find him alone that night. ]

Stop. I want to have some words with you, Will.
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[ he's sure Barnham is beating himself up over these results. How unjust! How wrong! How absolutely boring - and predictable, frankly, seeing how the trial was going. As usual, Ash is unaffected. And he's halfway hoping that he's wrong, and that Barnham is happy inside for avoiding being found out.

Maybe. If he really was a culprit, they'd probably be happy he killed Nui. ]

We're going to talk.

[ he pulls Barnham aside not long after everyone's dissipated from the courtroom, golden eyes a bit fiery. ]
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[ he doesn't miss her having a bad reaction to the end of the trial. She really does care about protecting the humans, it seems. Very much not like himself. For a moment, he wonders if he should reconsider. It's almost certain that she would view him like the humans do, hate him just the same. It always is.

But he doesn't. ]

You. I'm not done speaking to you.

[ he catches her at some point afterwards, with all the politness one would expect from him... aka none. ]
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[ Most people are rattled by the trial. Ash? Not so much. There are things that shook him a little bit, but not the same things that are shaking everyone else. Killing and the death of innocents are nothing new to him. Being shown gratitude and having his voice heard certainly are.

It's for that reason that he actually does wait for Hannibal after the trial. He hadn't paid any special attention to their town's apparent doctor, aside from the huge piano that he brought with him. Maybe he should have. ]

You wanted to speak to me.
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[ Noctis not coming back to their room immediately is rather surprising. After how angry and frustrated he'd seemed, Ash was certain he'd return to someplace more private to vent or cool his head... but it seemed he was wrong. All the research in the world didn't stop humans from being unpredictable. And after having several other people thank him during today's trial, he's more sure of that than ever.

When he comes back, he'll find Ash sitting on his bed, rather unnervingly motionless - though, of course, he turns his head when Noctis arrives. He was thinking. ]

... What happened to your hand?

[ is he going to have to throw you under the bus for a murder tomorrow ]
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[ He'd spend the first week combing the town as a whole - giving every surface a good look-over, trying to keep his eyes peeled for anything he could use. The "excitement" of that little trial interrupted him, but only in the barest sense. He doesn't mourn the death of either girl, and he doesn't fear any killers that might be sleeping in the rooms near his. He's not afraid of death - not in this world, without Rion. Perhaps he should be.

The only thing he fears is continuing to exist like this, in this shell, with no purpose, no power, no control. It's like being back in his original cell. So he moves on with his search. The preliminary scan turned up nothing, but now he'll start peeking into the individual nooks and crannies. That Sheriff is most likely another AI, he's deduced - a rudimentary one, but an AI nonetheless. And if that's true, then there has to be some semblance of real technology somewhere in the town. Something he can jack into, or plug into, a terminal - anything. And so, he decides to start where he deems something like that most likely to appear: the Sheriff's room, itself.

At least he tries to go when he believes the Sheriff won't be around. The man seems to be busy looking after the livestock at the moment, and Ash takes the opportunity to try and get into his room. But he'll try to be civilized at first! He'll simply try the doorknob and see if it's locked. ]
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[ it probably comes as no surprise to Nui when Ash comes and beckons her aside at some point during the week - he'd been pretty clear about his interest in her. Once they're decently far away enough from any rude humans that might be listening, what may be surprising is the blatant hypocrisy he opens up the conversation with: ]

Are you trying to paint a target on your back? Keep talking about beheading and the humans will be coming for your head next.

[ it's reprimanding rather than actually concerned for her... ]
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Ash's Inbox

Jul. 3rd, 2010 01:36 am
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[ there's a long moment of silence. Then: ]

Don't waste my time.

[ beep! ]
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