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here we go again

[ The others were at a loss. For him, the message was crystal clear: the last one standing wins.

Well, so be it. From the beginning, he'd been more than prepared to do just that. And with his alternative escapes sealed off, it's time for him to finally make his move.

He leaves late on Sunday to find the Sheriff. As loath as he is to talk to the man any more, he won't be able to kill them all with his bare hands. Not in this body. ]
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[ Jesus, it's this guy again.

The Sheriff just gives him the most unimpressed look as he shows up, sitting at his desk with his feet propped up on it and carving a piece of wood. ]

Get to it or get out, moron.
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[ Nope!!! The Sheriff only dislikes one person. It's Ash. Ash killed his cat. ]

I might. What's your plan?
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[ no it wasn't ]

You really are that stupid, huh. I don't give anyone a weapon without knowing their exact plan first. Then, after they use it, they return it to me. They're only allowed to use their weapon for the plan, specifically.
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No, I am not. I was just tellin' ya the precedent.

[ He considers then then looks at Ash with a raised eyebrow. ]

What makes you think you deserve to be last person standing? You haven't done anything this entire game.
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No, it just proves you're even more useless than you already were. You don't participate and you're a waste of my time. Do you think I picked you, specifically? Do you think you're special enough for me to want to bring you here? To need it? No. You were a roll of a dice and I didn't think much of you to say otherwise. And since you have waited this long to do anything, in the end it just proves how much of a waste of metal and autonomy you've always been.

[ And yet -- ]

I'll give you your explosives.

[ He smiles. ]
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See, what did I say? Waste of space.

[ But he shrugs then. ]

Thursday morning, box of dynamite will be found in your room. Your explosion should be timed for around 3 AM.
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