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da realerest roomies

I suspect our little game will be coming to an end soon. Don't you?

[ this is, presumably, direct towards his roommate, and not the "dead," curled-up copy of himself on the floor that he's currently kneeled in front of, seeing as that isn't going to respond. Probably. He doesn't turn to look towards Noctis. After all, he's surely going to be in another terrible mood after the day's events. ]
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[at this point, noct's out of energy to even make a fuss about the robocorpse in the room.

aside from forever wondering "why."]

Not like it could go much longer. Not many of us left now. [he is, in fact, in a terrible mood. noct's not looking at him either, though he doesn't seem particularly hostile like he'd been last week.]
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Lucky, or maybe you need to learn to give me a little more credit.

[it's said pretty flatly; there's really not much bite to it like there normally would have been in the past.

even if that's obviously the intent.

but he's tired, and while his will to live is there... he wants a nap.

or 50.]
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that is not at all what he was expecting to hear ash say. it's the opposite, really... and it's strangely alarming to hear an admission like that.

and definitely enough to get him to actually look at ash.]

Just... a hunch you have, or is there a reason to back that up?
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[it's tough, because he trusts milla a lot, and his expression falls a bit at the notion that she'd be that rash about it.

but all the same—the fact that ash is even telling him at all gives him reason to want to believe a bit in ash.]

I don't think she's that simple-minded. [from his talks with her, she's learned pretty well that things aren't always like they may seem.]

But I'm also gonna guess you're not telling me this now just because you think I'm soft enough to believe in you unconditionally.

[because for all that noct gives him the benefit of the doubt, he's always been forthcoming about the fact that ash invites trouble—and that he'd only stick up for ash for as long as he was innocent.]
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I believe you more than you probably think.

[which is not to say it's 100%. it can't be, not when other people he trusted far more had also bloodied their hands for the sake of this stupid game.

but there's so much circumstance that would ride on that, especially at a time like this.]

But... I do want to keep people alive. [he draws in a breath—honestly, it makes him a bit wary for a couple of reasons. the first is that he really doesn't think milla is going to spin the blame on him... but the second is that he's concerned about what kind of contingency plan ash actually has.]

I'm not making any promises yet. But... I'll hear you out.
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Stop talking like you know for sure what's going to happen, first of all.

[a lot of this only makes sense because he understands enough about how computers work to grasp that moving and copying data isn't that difficult.

but he doesn't seem to be balking at the whole idea, at least. he's exasperated, he's tired, and he thinks it's ridiculous if only because he doesn't think this will be necessary.]

What happens with this if they don't destroy that body? And... even if they did, don't you think the Sheriff would try to stop that because of the rules, or whatever?

[it's not out of dismissive judgment—it's actually from legitimate concern about the consequences that he asks.]
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[noct is quiet and probably more compliant than he's ever been, even as ash grabs his wrist and guides his hand to that spot on his chest.

but noct hears the hesitation—of course he does. he is human, so he doesn't miss those cues that feel very distinctly human. it does give him enough pause to look at ash curiously...

for someone who hates them so much, ash is strangely human at times, and trusting a human with this information, he knows—it's not something to be taken lightly. so without drawing back in the least, his eyes meet with ash's, the hints of his own conviction undoubtedly present. he's changed a bit over the weeks, and it probably shows in how he responds.]

I'll probably get killed for it myself if I do that. [he quips, but with his gaze unmoving, he nods.] But if you end up right—

[he draws in a breath, he can hardly believe himself for this.] Then I'll do what you're asking of me.