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did you toast my friendcrush? and other stories from ash

[ he's sure Barnham is beating himself up over these results. How unjust! How wrong! How absolutely boring - and predictable, frankly, seeing how the trial was going. As usual, Ash is unaffected. And he's halfway hoping that he's wrong, and that Barnham is happy inside for avoiding being found out.

Maybe. If he really was a culprit, they'd probably be happy he killed Nui. ]

We're going to talk.

[ he pulls Barnham aside not long after everyone's dissipated from the courtroom, golden eyes a bit fiery. ]
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[Barnham sure is beating himself up over the results!! He's nice and predictable that way, though he's not screaming or crying or throwing things or punching walls. He has more control than that; instead, his expression is flat and tight and carefully control.

And then he's dragged right on over, sup.]

...What is it.

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I do not care what you think of me, but... even so, there is something I believe you should know, and that you are mistaken about.

Indeed, I did not like Miss Harime. However, that does not mean she deserved to die. [Un!! Just!!!] Likewise, regardless of her temperament or my personal feelings, her murderer must be brought to justice.

Anything else would be unacceptable--Miss Harime was, after all, entirely innocent of any crimes.

[.....h....ere at least]
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I am certain of that because the reverse has not been proven.


To approach the truth, all biases must be cast aside, and the guilty may only be convicted when their guilt is established.

[Or at least...that's what he'd like to believe??? this place is fucked]
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[A sigh, tiredly.]

I am aware of that. These trials are little more than perversions of a justice system that this town does not follow.

[He can't just throw his life away not voting, either, though. That'd be pretty pathetic.]

However, that does lead into a question I would ask of you as well.
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... Do not think that I am not aware of that.

[Every time Barnham is a big fat JUSTICE!!! at trial, he's painting a target on his back.

He knows that.]

I wish to ask of your priorities. You have made it explicitly clear that you have no love for humans. Nonetheless, my question is this: is your desire to find Miss Harime's killer greater than your distaste for us, or shall you be willing to assist in finding her killer?

[you know, instead of standing around making nasty comments during trials]

They may have escaped this time.

That does not mean we cannot still find them--we do not require the Sheriff's farce of a "trial" for that.
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[He...sure was assuming that because he's not used to thinking about how robots think???

What are robots, etc etc etc]

... Is that so?

[His brow furrows a little.]

I suppose I must admit I do not understand.
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[... Well.]

I have no intentions of doing anything of the sort, though I am aware my word means little to you.


My intentions shall simply have to be proven.

[You're not gonna die, Ash!!!]
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[that'd be real rude, Ash.

He blinks at that, though, puzzled.]

Bar...tender? Such as a barkeep, or someone who handles the drinks at a bar?

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[This is starting to get really aggravating, though the only sign of it is the way that he draws in a slow breath before he responds. He's....so sick of not knowing what's going on. He's an Inquisitor! He's captain of the knights! He's used to being in the loop.

and right now he feels like he knows jackshit.]

... I am afraid I still have no idea what you are talking about.

[Reluctant as he is to have to admit that to Ash of all people.]
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[He frowns, meeting Ash's eyes as well as he puzzles that out.


I shall investigate further, then. I do not much appreciate being kept in the dark in a place such as this.

[But it's not like he'll expect ash of all people to tell him...back to the investigation phase of the aa game, apparently.]