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expanded nonhumansquad universe, volume 1

[ he doesn't miss her having a bad reaction to the end of the trial. She really does care about protecting the humans, it seems. Very much not like himself. For a moment, he wonders if he should reconsider. It's almost certain that she would view him like the humans do, hate him just the same. It always is.

But he doesn't. ]

You. I'm not done speaking to you.

[ he catches her at some point afterwards, with all the politness one would expect from him... aka none. ]
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[she's still pretty shaken. still pretty angry (at herself, at the game), but less visibly so. Sara helped ground her, helped remind her that she is needed and that she cannot let this define her.]

[so when Ash catches her on her way to the jail to visit Tarvek and Nisha, she is her usual composed self on the outside. internally. . .]

[. . .]


Oh, yes. For some reason, I thought you might wait until after tomorrow's execution.

[but she's cool with talking now, if he wishes]
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[it's cool. oddly enough, Milla gets that. EFFICIENCY!!]

That's right. Milla Maxwell. And you can hardly be blamed for the mistake; you aren't the first one here to make it.

[she definitely knows how well she can blend in at first sight]
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[it is obvious, but Milla has no problem with explaining]

To answer that question, I'll have to give you a bit of background.

In my world, all beings-- human and animal alike-- are born with "mana lobes" in their brain. These mana lobes produce mana and allow a being to communicate with a spirit in order to cast a spell known as a "spirit arte." The spirits feed on the mana provided by the being, and cast the arte at the human's bidding in response. For humans, the process normally requires an incantation.

That is the cycle of Rieze Maxia.

[she folds her arms]

Spyrix technology originated by the ancestors of the residents of the world of Elympios, which was formerly a part of Rieze Maxia. The technology mirrors the process of casting spirit artes. However. . . since Spyrix doesn't produce mana and simple forces the spirits to use their power, the spirits are killed at the end of the process. Spyrix makes using spirit artes easier, as well as amplifies the power of the spells, but does so at the cost of the lives of many spirits. As you can imagine. . . the more spirits die, the more the nature of the world suffers.

[breathes in and out slowly]

In order to protect the residents and spirits of Rieze Maxia, some two thousand years ago a barrier between the two worlds called the Schism was created. The citizens of Rieze Maxia continued to develop their mana lobes and incorporate spirits into their daily living, while the citizens of Elympios continued to develop Spyrix technology to the point of total dependency. As such, Rieze Maxia thrived, while Elympios waned.

In the end, the Schism between the two worlds was destroyed.


The destruction of the Schism produced enough mana to allow the continued use of Spyrix by Elympios without killing spirits, though this will only last for a few decades at most. And now that the worlds are one again, work is being done by humans to replace Spyrix technology before that mana runs out.
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[his displeasure and bitterness is also obvious, but it doesn't faze her. her gaze remains steady, her stance firm]

I never called it peace.

[for a reason, too]

Peace never lasts. Humanity has proven that, time and time again. I am not so naive to think rejoining the two worlds will solve either's problems. But regardless of that, humanity still attempts to better themselves every single day of their lives. Goodness exists in them, and I trust in that glimmer.

[lifts a hand and places it over her heart. she believes in Jude Mathis.]

Have you not observed the same back in your home? Was there not a single human, even a single one, who made you believe in their goodness?
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[closes her eyes and falls silent for a moment]

. . . perhaps.

[she is very forgiving, tbh]

But isn't that how it works? When you greatly care for something, you're willing to forgive them.
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[and that question gives her pause, mostly because she never thought about it]

The Four Great Spirits of my world are directly under my command. They took care of me when I was a. . . "child," to use human terms, and have supported me in my mission as long as I can remember. When given the chance to turn against me, they didn't take it. So I believe they will continue to remain by my side and assist me in carrying out my duties.

[another pause]

I have never directly asked the lesser spirits how they feel, but as I said, humans are part of the symbiotic lifestyle cycle of spirits. Without humans, spirits would starve for mana.
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[somehow sensing that he had closed off on her a bit, Milla tilts her head]

Did you not have your people with you? Or at least. . . someone who supported you? Whom you could trust?

[she wants to understand]
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[she has to think about it, but in the end, she nods]

Yes. I can't say I know much about them. They're a human invention, not Spyrix-based, and the village in which I grew up didn't have that level of advanced technology.
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. . .

[there's. . . something about her smile. something. wry?]

I was created for a specific purpose, too. Not by humans, but by another great spirit. I spent most of my life believing I was something I was not, and it wasn't until the spirit who created me died that I was able to become that which I should have been all along.

[THAT'S. A LITTLE VAGUE, but she's highlighting a point here: he isn't the only one who was created for a purpose. she can empathize with that bit of him, too]
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No. My circumstances were. . . special.

[a pause, and she inhales and exhales deeply. Ash is the second person to get this story. Higekiri was the first. does it mean something that both of the people she told were non-humans??]

The original Lord of Spirits created me and placed me into a human vessel twenty years ago. He implanted memories and made me believe I was the true Lord of Spirits, and for years, used me to draw out and eliminate his enemies. During that period. . . I believed I was the true Maxwell. I believed it was my duty to protect humans and spirits, and I upheld that duty to the best of my ability.

[closes her eyes, her mouth twitching into a small smile]

When I learned the truth. . . Maxwell seemed surprised that I could continue to believe it was my duty to protect humans and spirits when that was not my intended purpose.

[opens her eyes again]

I had created my own purpose, separate from the one Maxwell envisioned for me. The reasons I was created didn't matter. My intended purpose didn't matter. All that mattered was my own will and my own heart.

When Maxwell passed away, I became the new Lord of Spirits. I made that decision based on my own conviction, and I don't regret any of the choices I made that led me to that point.
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[hn. . . they are a lot alike. and yet, so very different]

What made you ultimately decide to turn against humanity in the first place? You weren't created with that hatred in your heart. . . were you?
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[she shakes her head]

Have you even attempted to coexist with them? Have they attempted to coexist with you?

Much like how I forged my own path based on nothing but my own convictions, I believe you capable of the same.
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To walk on the ceiling, all I would need is Sylph's power of the wind. To breathe underwater, I call upon Undine of water.

[raises both eyebrows, so HA]
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No, that is your point.

[lifts her chin proudly, as Maxwell does]

You stated there are some things one can't overcome with conviction. But I say there is, by refuting your examples.

After all, how would you know you could not overcome these things if you don't even try?