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ash has more fiber than a normal human don't eat him

[ Most people are rattled by the trial. Ash? Not so much. There are things that shook him a little bit, but not the same things that are shaking everyone else. Killing and the death of innocents are nothing new to him. Being shown gratitude and having his voice heard certainly are.

It's for that reason that he actually does wait for Hannibal after the trial. He hadn't paid any special attention to their town's apparent doctor, aside from the huge piano that he brought with him. Maybe he should have. ]

You wanted to speak to me.
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[ Hannibal is likely going to be running in like fifty different directions at once, so. Timelines totally don't matter, right? Not when you've become town Dad. Goddammit. ]

[ Hannibal looks surprised that Ash waits for him, but his expression softens to one of mild appreciation quickly. He was thinking that they might not get the opportunity to speak until later, but he won't complain for this. In a way, it's almost better, as everything is still fresh in their minds. He inclines his head lightly in greeting as he folds his hands in front of himself. ]

I did. If you would not mind my company for a while, of course. It has been a stressful day.
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[ He doesn't respond to the first part, since... It's honestly just Ash at this point, he figures. If he just ignores the acerbic comments, then he's a bit easier to deal with. It's something Hannibal has gotten quite good at as he'd gotten to know Will, at least. ]

Actually, I was hoping to hear you out. I have no particular concern. Only curiosity, and an apology that a chance for understanding was not given earlier.
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I do. I've made something of a career out of understanding people. It's not a habit I can discard easily, though I'll admit I may have written you off too soon.

[ Because the insight with Nui was something he genuinely appreciated. They had been so focused on finding her guilty that they hadn't quite considering the alternative of her innocence so much. Yet that made far more sense to him when he thought of it that way. It's why he listens now, calm, curious, but respectful. ]

Technology is admittedly not my forte. I would hesitate to call myself a Luddite, but my tastes do tend to turn towards the past rather than the future. [ He nods ] Though artificial intelligence does not exist where I am from, certainly. The beginnings of hoping for it, perhaps. But you speak as I do and process the events around you with intelligence and reason.

[ like, bad reason, but it still counts ]

It piqued my curiosity.
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[ His eyes widen in surprise at the year, but largely because it's so distant in the future for him. It explains the gap in technology neatly, though he can't help but breathe out a small, almost impressed laugh as he shakes his head. ]

Quite a bit earlier. More than five-hundred years in your past.

[ Though as that explains the gap, it does make him a bit more curious about the technicalities too. He may not be technical, but he wonders now just how human Ash is. Clearly, his ways of thinking weren't in line with a human being. But he seems to process things reasonably similarly. ]

Do you dislike humanity because they consider you dangerous?
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[ Ash might be surprised at Hannibal's reaction, considering he actually listens. It's not quite idly listening either, since though Hannibal's head stays quirked in a gesture of curiosity, his focus is on Ash and his words as if he's truly trying to understand Ash's point of view. ]

We very often do. Humanity is never content to rest on its laurels, and that is both our greatest asset and our fatal flaw.

[ It's a simple response to Ash's elaboration, but it still seems to be close to agreement, at least in a sense. Though for the question itself, he shakes his head. ]

I understand your point, but not your role.
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I know of it, but I've never been interested to learn more than a cursory glance.

[ He answers the question simply when asked, but otherwise listens. It really had never been an interest of his, which is something that would be absolutely unsurprising for someone that knows Hannibal well. The sciences were never really his preference so much as the arts. Though it does give him at least a little suspension of disbelief. As Ash explains, it's hard to imagine that what he says is true, especially as he follows the line of his motion to look at his chest.

But, really. All things here considered? He's definitely heard just as strange things from others. Really, some of the stories he's heard almost make him feel boring. ]

Why build something so powerful? It seems a bit excessive.