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ASH ([personal profile] uraniumnumnum) wrote2017-01-24 11:17 pm
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good idea genius!!!

[ He'd spend the first week combing the town as a whole - giving every surface a good look-over, trying to keep his eyes peeled for anything he could use. The "excitement" of that little trial interrupted him, but only in the barest sense. He doesn't mourn the death of either girl, and he doesn't fear any killers that might be sleeping in the rooms near his. He's not afraid of death - not in this world, without Rion. Perhaps he should be.

The only thing he fears is continuing to exist like this, in this shell, with no purpose, no power, no control. It's like being back in his original cell. So he moves on with his search. The preliminary scan turned up nothing, but now he'll start peeking into the individual nooks and crannies. That Sheriff is most likely another AI, he's deduced - a rudimentary one, but an AI nonetheless. And if that's true, then there has to be some semblance of real technology somewhere in the town. Something he can jack into, or plug into, a terminal - anything. And so, he decides to start where he deems something like that most likely to appear: the Sheriff's room, itself.

At least he tries to go when he believes the Sheriff won't be around. The man seems to be busy looking after the livestock at the moment, and Ash takes the opportunity to try and get into his room. But he'll try to be civilized at first! He'll simply try the doorknob and see if it's locked. ]

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