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first weekly meeting of the League of Evil

[ it probably comes as no surprise to Nui when Ash comes and beckons her aside at some point during the week - he'd been pretty clear about his interest in her. Once they're decently far away enough from any rude humans that might be listening, what may be surprising is the blatant hypocrisy he opens up the conversation with: ]

Are you trying to paint a target on your back? Keep talking about beheading and the humans will be coming for your head next.

[ it's reprimanding rather than actually concerned for her... ]
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every villian is lemons

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[ it'd be quite a stretch to say that nui considered ash a friend, or even an ally, but he certainly seemed to have a similar disposition to her when it came to this whole situation. for this reason, she entertains him. ]

Come on, this is a killing game. What's the point if you don't have some fun? Live a little!

[ she rocks back and forth on her heels, seemingly without a care in the world. ]

Besides, they hate you too!
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[ nui's just being used to hated by anyone opposing revocs, and apparently some people have problems with her attitude. well, whatever. ]

Who says you can't have fun and win at the same time? Girls are good at multitasking like that, you know.
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[ she shrugs. ]

My plan is to kill people if they get in my way. Sounds good, right?
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[ she wags her finger, right in front of his face. ]

Come on, I'm more creative than that!
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Aw, so you think I'm cute?

[ :D ]
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I bet you'd like me more if I was a creepy robot.

[ a-ok, since she's like... ragyosexual, with a side of ryukosexual? we just don't know.

nui is very much used to being underestimated by those that don't know her, so she'll go along with it. being serious is lame. ]

But I'm super duper strong, honest! The last girl that went easy on me got her butt kicked, big time!
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Okey dokey!

[ from her dress, she'll procure a sharp pair of sewing scissors. handling the tool like a butterfly knife, her movements are swift enough to take him by surprise and pin him to the nearby wall, pressing the blades to his throat. she's just as close, touching their foreheads together and maintaining her cheerful smile. ]

I wonder... if you're a robot, would you bleed oil?
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Sure can't! If you're gonna try and kill me, you'll have to be preeeeetty slick.

[ she winks, stepping back and spinning the scissors around her finger before shutting them and tucking them back into her dress. ]

I hope you're interesting, too!
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Well, well! Is that so?

[ oh, this should be good. considering nui's allegiances lie with no one but herself, it'll take some real convincing for her to ally with someone.

or she can lie. whatever works. ]

Give me one good reason!
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That's not a very good reason.

[ but yes, it's true. without her life fiber-infused powers, she's stuck in whole ass like everyone else. it sucks big time. ]
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[ he does have a point there. as long as no semblance of trust or responsibility is expected of her, maybe she can agree to as much for now. ]

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Call me that again and I'll kick your ass.

[ yeesh. ]
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But that's good to know! Guess it's pretty dull just being a bystander, though...
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I hope that's soon! I'm getting antsy.

[ she's back to smiling as if nothing was wrong, but she definitely looks like she's imagining things. ]