uraniumnumnum: (i am subversion)
ASH ([personal profile] uraniumnumnum) wrote2017-02-26 09:14 pm
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why you so obsessed with me

[ If you think Ash stayed up all night worrying where Noctis was, you're wrong!! He stayed up all night because he's a robot and doesn't need to sleep. Also, he's totally not worried about Noctis. It's just that he gave Noctis some vital information just a few days ago, and if the wrong person were to get ahold of him and force it out of him, it could spell danger for Ash.

Nothing more. He's firm in this belief.

Nonetheless, he feels something akin to relief at seeing him the next day at the Execution, standing and alive instead of laying on the bonfire. That feeling evaporates as soon as he catches him afterwards near the hotel - he's stomping towards his roommate, looking irritated. ]

Noctis. What the hell were you doing?

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