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why you so obsessed with me

[ If you think Ash stayed up all night worrying where Noctis was, you're wrong!! He stayed up all night because he's a robot and doesn't need to sleep. Also, he's totally not worried about Noctis. It's just that he gave Noctis some vital information just a few days ago, and if the wrong person were to get ahold of him and force it out of him, it could spell danger for Ash.

Nothing more. He's firm in this belief.

Nonetheless, he feels something akin to relief at seeing him the next day at the Execution, standing and alive instead of laying on the bonfire. That feeling evaporates as soon as he catches him afterwards near the hotel - he's stomping towards his roommate, looking irritated. ]

Noctis. What the hell were you doing?
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[ash is irritated, water is wet, the sky is blue.

either way, he's not really thinking all that much about the fact that he didn't return to the room the night before—if only because he's a bit distracted with sorting his own head out and a couple of people he knows he needs to talk to before the day is through.

including someone who is certainly alive but avoided going to the execution.

he tilts his head a bit to the side, unsure of why ash is approaching him with such intent before either of them even makes it back to their room.]

Uh. Going... back upstairs? [be more specific if you mean something else! dumb humans, etc etc.]
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[well, if anything... he doesn't seem opposed to explaining it. he won't even give shit to ash about it, despite there being some kind of existing faint amusement that ash seems concerned by it.]

Not sure there's a "good" explanation. Went to see someone before the night was over... ended up falling asleep there.

[which is, in fact, the truth.] I... didn't really plan that. I guess I was just tired after the trial.

[but yet somehow, he feels like he's being reprimanded for it.]
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Milla. Just went to check on her after what happened with Jason, that's all.

[more or less.] Don't get yourself in a tizzy or whatever. I didn't mention you to anyone.

[stop being so paranoid and also self-centered? noct has a lot he's concerned about right now, too much to worry about to go spilling other people's secrets.] Haven't betrayed anyone yet, really not planning to start now.

[so, maybe. he's not sure, chill?]
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[on one hand, there's something... almost endearing about the fact that ash would say something like that at all. noct certainly never would have expected to hear "i want you unharmed" from ash's mouth, after all.

...but still.

there is an undertone to this that he doesn't like, and maybe that's because he doesn't put it past ash to treat him like a tool.]

...And what plans are those, anyway? Can't guarantee I won't throw a wrench in them if I don't know what they are to begin with.
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I meant any other plans you have.

[he's not sure he entirely believes that ash doesn't have other things up his sleeve.

right now is probably the best time to see, while they're on the topic. it's not exactly as if ash is usually very forthcoming about this kind of stuff.]

Wasn't planning on interfering with that stuff. I meant it—about trying to keep people alive. [even if he also believes that helping ash that way will probably get himself killed as well.]
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Dying's... not... really part of my plans here.

[to say he's resigned to it would be a lie, but he really doesn't have any intention of dying unless it's necessary. he'd prefer it to be his own choice.

either way, there's a reason he hasn't gone recklessly barrelling into buildings that were boarded up, or picking fights. he's pretty survival-minded, when it matters.]

Can't really do that whole "keeping people alive" thing if I'm dead.
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I'd be no better if I stop trying to help people now.

[he frowns a bit.] Bad enough how it went with executions and how that bastard tied our hands to make us do it.

[he never refrained from voting because he didn't trust that there wouldn't be consequences, but he's got his fair share of guilt of having sent innocents to die this way.]

Been risking my life since before this place, probably will once it's over, too. [ash really doesn't know very much about the things he's faced, noct realizes.] The faster we end the game, the better. As long as we can do it right.
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That's me, set in my ways, I guess.

[okay, so maybe that's a little sarcastic. but it's true that noctis can feel some of the tension in the air ease—whatever he's said seems to be enough to appease ash enough to at least ease the tension.

which helps, at least a little.

at ash's question, noctis does tense a bit—though his discomfort with talking about this isn't related to ash. it's a general sentiment, so after taking a moment to gather himself, he nods.

there's no point in keeping it a secret. really, there never had been, but with the numbers as small as they are, most who remain alive already know this truth about him.]

You're right. Guess I'm not too good at acting if you picked up on that. [since he's always been pretty casual, but there's little denying that some of his quirks definitely have ties to his upbringing.]

Back home... I'm a prince. Or, well... a king now, I guess. [technically speaking, though he's still kind of coming to terms with that.]
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[it's sarcastic, but the words that follow do seem to have an odd note of sincerity to it. ash... sure is weird and confusing.]

...Yeah, you could say there's a lot of that going on back home. [which. obviously bothers noct quite a bit, because he can't hide the way his expression contorts as he thinks about what the situation is like back home.]

You aren't wrong about any of it. I know I have a lot I need to do. [but, and to make this clear to ash, even if it really exposes the extent of his own altruism.] But I'm not going to do that by stepping on everyone here just to save my own skin.
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[noct wouldn't even take that bet, because he has no real confidence in himself as a king at all. it's a mantle he doesn't feel ready for, so he's consciously avoidant of that.]

Not really. I was alone most of the time, I didn't... have a lot of friends, either. [he's a shy and withdrawn guy, it took a lot of time before he had friends.] I lived in my own apartment in high school.

[but after a moment, he'll met ash's gaze with a certain measure of resolve. some things about noct are completely unshakable, and really... ash managed to slam right into that topic.] That's just the kind of king my dad was. Someone who wanted the best for his people, who wanted peace and to save lives, not to end them for power, or money, or whatever.

[and really, more than anything? noct just wants to live up to his dad's greatness, though he's not sure it's possible.]
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[well, if nothing else—it doesn't seem like he's bothered by the lack of sympathy. he doesn't expect it, but it doesn't stop him from explaining.]

War is war, and underhanded bastards are underhanded bastards. [there's definitely a harder edge to his voice—he hasn't forgive the ones responsible for that, for what they did and what they took.

and he has every intention of going back home and righting those wrongs.]

I'm still here, though. And it's not over yet.
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[noct knows he's invited it more than one time, and in some sense, he's not entirely sure ash would have pulled the trigger.

but still, it's unsettling.

noct knows he has to keep his composure, though, because things with ash could change at a moment's notice.]

...It's not surprising. What you did to her, or what you almost did last week.

[even if it's unsettling, it's not surprising.

but after closing his eyes for a moment to consider it, he opens his eyes and looks at ash curiously.]

Why didn't you do it? [kill him.]
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[whatever it is, he's not planning on looking a gift horse in the mouth quite yet.]

Maybe what I should ask is...

[he's a bit reluctant to do so, but it's honestly the truth that there's enough about ash that completely befuddles him and makes him want to try to have at least a marginal grasp on what he's thinking.]

Why you keep inviting me to try and kill you.

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