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looking for death in all the wrong places

[ considering Noctis is almost definitely going to be an active volcano tonight and explode gross human rage lava all over Ash as soon as he walks in the door, he is making a point of not going directly back to his apartment after today's eventful trial. His roommate's confusing on a good day; he doesn't really feel like dealing with him on a bad day.

Besides, he has some business to attend to, himself. He'll stop Will when he can find him alone that night. ]

Stop. I want to have some words with you, Will.
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[ He's at the Saloon! Picking up something after the trial to head back with. He's got a whiskey bottle in hand while he stares at Ash for a moment, a little surprised before slowly nodding and deciding to just. Pour himself a glass.

He definitely needs one for whatever this conversation is. ]

Well, I'm here. I'll give you a few minutes. What is it?
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[ No. ]

This is a doomed venture, Ash. If the overall goal is death, death will happen. I won't fight it but I won't stop others from trying.

[ A shrug. Whatever happens will happen! He takes a sip of his drink then, considering. ]

You care?
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[ That's -- well, that's pretty hilarious for Will Graham, Dedicated Nihilist right now so he just nods and considers. ]

But you know what this is like. The roles need to kill each other to end it. If you interfere, what's the point of that? All you could do is... whittle it down, I suppose.
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[ A consideration here and he eyes Ash warily. This isn't enough for him, he'd prefer detail because Ash is unpredictable and decidedly selfish. Will doesn't want to help, no, but he doesn't want to actively hurt. This might cross into that territory. ]

What would you do with the information? Tell me, exactly.
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[ He considers this carefully for a moment and then he asks, almost cautiously -- ]

Noctis? Is that who you'd share it with? He doesn't seem particularly partial to killing.

[ He's still considering telling Ash anything, of course. He wonders what would be the result of this. How it would go. It could be interesting. ]
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[ See, Will would point that out but he always talks shit about Hannibal so, eh. Fair enough. ]

-- Oh. Barnham is a good idea. Honestly, you should just talk to Barnham in general. Don't kill him. Talk to him. If you tell him what you just told me, he might understand what you're talking about. It might be a good thing, if you don't fuck it up.
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[ He honestly just rolls his eyes here. ]

Do it again. Tell him your intentions. Insist or do whatever you have to do -- don't kill him. He'd be a good ally if you're looking for one.
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[ Just dragging his hand over his face here. ]

All I'm going to tell you is talk to Barnham. I've got nothing else to tell you.
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[ My god, Ash. ]

Yeah, that's my answer.

[ He knocks back the rest of his drink then, looking ready to go. ]

Is that it?