uraniumnumnum: (i am subversion)
ASH ([personal profile] uraniumnumnum) wrote2017-02-04 10:13 pm
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da realest roomies

[ Noctis not coming back to their room immediately is rather surprising. After how angry and frustrated he'd seemed, Ash was certain he'd return to someplace more private to vent or cool his head... but it seemed he was wrong. All the research in the world didn't stop humans from being unpredictable. And after having several other people thank him during today's trial, he's more sure of that than ever.

When he comes back, he'll find Ash sitting on his bed, rather unnervingly motionless - though, of course, he turns his head when Noctis arrives. He was thinking. ]

... What happened to your hand?

[ is he going to have to throw you under the bus for a murder tomorrow ]

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