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da realest roomies

[ Noctis not coming back to their room immediately is rather surprising. After how angry and frustrated he'd seemed, Ash was certain he'd return to someplace more private to vent or cool his head... but it seemed he was wrong. All the research in the world didn't stop humans from being unpredictable. And after having several other people thank him during today's trial, he's more sure of that than ever.

When he comes back, he'll find Ash sitting on his bed, rather unnervingly motionless - though, of course, he turns his head when Noctis arrives. He was thinking. ]

... What happened to your hand?

[ is he going to have to throw you under the bus for a murder tomorrow ]
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[he needed to vent things out a little; his frustration and complete helplessness mounting after weeks—

well, more than just these three weeks, but a whole bunch of weeks—

noct's still only human. he can only handle so much, and while he was pretty pissed before, he's more listless and defeated as he flops onto the bed. he might have had to scream and cry it out a bit in his own way. but once umbra has followed and jumped on the mattress with him, he'll focus on what ash says.]

Got into a fight with a load-bearing wall. [he frames it so nicely.] The wall won.

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Got a witness, for whatever that's worth.

[he wasn't really planning on that happening, but apparently people worry about him sometimes and he was followed out of the town hall when he stormed out in frustration.

he's still clutching his hand though—it hurts pretty badly even after having iced it and cleaning up the scrapes. it wasn't his wisest move, but it's not like there are many other outlets. he's without his weapons and abilities, and it's not like there are monsters or daemons for him to hunt to get out some of his aggression.

it's definitely been A Day, noct's words don't have the same sarcastic bite they usually do—the attempt falls pretty short here.]
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[it's probably better to have that topic dropped anyway; the last thing he wants to think about is his death—or the kind person who was looking out for him, either.

but the question gives him pause, because he doesn't entirely expect ash to even ask him something like that. but he's got no reason to lie about it, so he's honest in his response.]

To get out of here—to get as many people out of here alive as we can. [he can't afford to die here, but he doesn't have any intent of betraying anyone to get back to his task at home.]
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[he stretches his hand a bit, wincing at the discomfort. it's been iced, but that can only do so much.]

We lost enough people already. Know it doesn't matter to you, but. It does to me.
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Could say the same to you, couldn't I?

[okay, maybe not in being called heroic, but.]

Not like you haven't had a million opportunities to take me out. Probably could've taken out a bunch of others by now too.

[of course, for all noctis knows, ash already has. but he just doesn't believe that's the case right now.] It's not like I've got much to defend myself with here anyway.
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Pretty sure that's the point. Not like you're the only one who lost a lot of ability by coming here.

Intentional handicaps. [it's frustrating for him too, even if... you know, he wouldn't be using it to murder people.]
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[naturally, he has no reason to disbelieve ash on this. and while it does keep him wary enough—enough that he'd never fully let his guard down as a safety...

there's still a lot to be asked about why ash is like this. it doesn't mean it's forgivable in any way, and there's little getting around that if this was his world, or something he'd been witness to that they'd probably be enemies.

but the stakes are so different here that he can't just ignore all that to start throwing blame around.]

...I get it. [he's not a moron.] Would it make me any better? Killing someone who did nothing here?

[he pauses, but.] I don't think you'd lie about it, but killing someone for crimes we didn't see committed doesn't make anyone a hero. Doesn't make for vengeance, either. What someone from your world does to you for what you did...

That's for them to decide, not me. [he's serious about this. it doesn't mean he condones it, but he knows his place.] Not interested in meddling in someone else's affairs. I've got my own home to deal with.

[and his own vengeance to chase, even if that's only a small piece of the picture.]
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[it's... fine. it's not going to stop noct from rolling his eyes though, because this train of thought is kind of stupid.]

You gonna keep putting words in my mouth and deciding my reasons for me?

[obviously, he's not trying to tame ash, or take pity on him. that's not like noct to do at all, and even though ash is ranting, noctis seems to be keeping his cool.]

What you did there doesn't matter here. [listen, it's stupid... but it's true.] People here who've probably never killed before already did. Until you do something here that's incriminating, I'm not interested in turning you into a sacrifice for this crappy game.

[he shrugs.]

Not planning to meddle with your world's affairs. Wouldn't want anyone doing the same for me, either. [maybe that's a shitty, selfish approach, but noct would be pissed if someone from another world decided to take out his enemy just because they knew he was an asshole when there's something personal at stake in it for noct specifically.

he won't take that away from someone else, either.]
If you do something here? Then it's a different story.