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- FIRST THINGS FIRST: Galerians: ASH is a really bad video game, and you probably shouldn't play it. If you like my portrayal of this guy enough that you're interested in the series, I recommend playing the first game, Galerians, and/or seeing the movie, Galerians: Rion. The sequel Ash was introduced in is of a much lower quality than the original. If you really are interested in seeing Ash in action, though, try to get a good deal - you probably shouldn't have to pay more than $10 for this game. I bought it for $4.


- For some reason, Ash sounded younger when he was... younger. That doesn't really make sense, since he's a computer program. WHATEVER G:A

- Ash is probably something of an environmentalist. Which is ironic for the guy who controls the most radioactive power plant in the world.

- In the Galerians universe, there is sufficient technology to turn a real person into data and transplant them into a computer; on the other hand, virtual data can also be implanted into human brains. That's how Rion is able to interact with Ash. (Additionally, Rion's psychic abilities allow him to partially insert his own consciousness into Ash's "consciousness," although they can't do much other than see and talk to each other that way.)

- Ash is from the year 2528 AD.

- Besides humans, it appears that Ash's other mental strongpoint is chemistry.

- Despite his intellectual vocabulary and haughty personality, he can be somewhat brusque, and cusses more than any other character in the series, although usually only when he's agitated.

- One might expect him to have a synthesized-sounding voice, but his voice is completely humanlike and believable; without knowing any better, it's impossible to say that he's not human just by hearing him speak. Future technology, man. The only time any kind of electronic cadence to his voice is audible is if the listener is actually inside Ash's virtual world. Presumably, he's simply dropping the extra effort to make his voice believable, because at that point, the other person would have to know the truth about him.

- Although it might seem hard to swallow if you haven't played the games, ASH honestly does act just like a person. His capacity for emotion is never questioned or made a plot point; it's just accepted as normal. Dorothy, the only other sapient AI presented in-game, acts the same way. It's better to think of them as a seperate species rather than machines; in fact, Dorothy even had some organic cells as part of her system.

- Beings like Ash and Dorothy are fully-functioning self-assembling computers. This means that they are artificial intelligences that independently build and adapt themselves. Computers of this caliber are illegal in-universe by the time Galerians: ASH occurs, because... well, just look how they turned out. You will be pleased to know that self-assembling computers are actually being researched in real life! HIDE

- ASH is actually an acronym for his three separated personality fragments: Anger, Sadness, and Hate. ( personified as Parano, Spider and Nitro, respectively ) These words were also the passwords to his three development terminals. This begs the question of how the hell he got his name in the first place. PLOTHOLES IN GALERIANS WOW WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED

- In his original body (the DT-type fusion reactor), Ash produced a startling 6,258 rads of radiation. That's about five times as much as the atom bomb. Yikes.


Ever wanted to know how Ash sounds and moves? NOW YOU CAN.

A CUTSCENE IN WHICH ASH FEASTS ON DELICIOUS URANIUM and Rion acts like a piece of cardboard.

Ash talks about himself and his plans. GIANT SPOILERS if you even care. By reading this journal, you probably know them already.